Remove Your Fears And Doubts About Australia Point System

Remove Your Fears And Doubts About Australia Point System

Minimum points to apply for Australia PR Skill Select 189 (points based) or 190 (State Sponsored Visa) is 65 points in 2020-2021. If you are planning to move to Australia, first thing you need to check your eligibility whether you can apply for Australia PR visa or not. Skilled migration for Australia The chance of invitation varies by each job code and its points Calculator. It is easier to get Australian PR with 80 Minimum points to apply for Australia points based on latest draw. With Master’s degree, good English score and work experience in Australia’s skills list, you can get Australia’s skills list residency within a year. 189 and 190 PR visa do not have any points for family or employer sponsorship. 489 visa has option of sponsorship but it is not a direct PR .

Australia- the land of Kangaroos is an aspiring country for many skilled workers looking to live and work in the country. Australia’s high standard of living, multi-cultural society and decent pay levels for skilled individuals is a driving force for gaining Permanent Residency of the country. However, Australia immigration’s point system can be seen as becoming a huge barrier for such aspirants.

Australia point system is easy to understand and comprehend if you understand it by its core.

Let us first understand its initial structure i.e., what factors contribute as ‘points’ in Point Calculator.

1) First comes your Age. Your age is a factor here because to perform actively and dynamically in Australian economy, you must be in that age of vigour where long working hours and tedious presentations cannot break your working spirit!

2) Second factor is your Education. Australia considers higher education- Bachelors’, masters’ and beyond as ‘proficient’ level of qualification.

3) Third factor is Work experience. This is empirical instance of how you are going to survive in Australia. To ensure that you can work in practical atmosphere with people from different ethnic groups, work experience is an important factor. This experience need to be continuous, full-time and paid in nature.

4) Another factor is English Ability. In a nation where people speak, act and live English, you have to have a proficient level of this language in order to survive- both professionally and socially.

How can I increase my Australia Immigration Score?

Additional Factors to claim points on-

Apart from general personal factors, you can also claim points on additional factors. These are:

  • Nomination from state/ territory for visa subclass 190 visa- 5 extra points
  • Sponsorship by an eligible family member currently residing in Australia for temporary visa 489 – 10 extra points

How many points makes you eligible to apply?

Minimum of 60 points in total is required to be scored (out of 100), based on the factors stated above. Note that these 60 points are going to make you ‘qualify’ and not ‘selected’ for immigration to Australia.

To be selected, you must have a competent score above 60.

If you score the highest points for each and every factor listed above, then your score will total up to 65, which will be your ticket to selection for Australia PR visa.

You can come in the office directly for any immigration query. But it will be beneficial for you complete your free assessment visa form before the meeting. So that the consultant has all the knowledge about your profile and he can guide you properly.To know more-

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