10 Reasons to Apply Permanent Visa in Canada

10 Reasons to Apply Permanent Resident( PR ) Visa in Canada

Looking for overseas career opportunities or settling abroad with pr visa of high standard of livingWhen you are planning to move abroad, you must be thinking which country we should move or apply for permanent visa for the better future. As we all know that Canada is the developed country and has a huge job market in the world. People all over the world try to immigrate to Canada to settle there. Though we have many reasons to move to Canada, So let’s discuss few of them. Below are the reasons to apply for permanent residency visa in Canada.

1. Canada is No.1 country for Job Opportunities: When you are planning to settle in Canada, there are two things you often think which is Job opportunities and career growth.  Everyone knows that Canada has huge demand of skilled workers like Engineers, accountants, dentist etc. so if you are looking for good job opportunities overseas. You must think about Canada immigration.

2. Canada accepts over 2, 50, 000 immigrants every year as permanent residents:  This is a well-known fact that Canada is inviting the massive number of immigrants every year and that too on permanent residence (PR) visa, It will be decided on the bases of education, work experience, and language proficiency, etc. if your profile exist in the Occupation demand list of Canada, you have huge chances to get selected for Canada Permanent Resident visa. Canada every year invites more than 3,00,000 permanent residents every year.


3. Easy to meet the points system of Canada PR: As we all know every country has eligibility criteria to immigrate and to be very honest Canada has a very lenient point system if compare to other countries point system. The express entry system is a point-based online immigration system launched (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in January 2015. It is a merit-based system wherein you get selected based on your scored points as per your age, education, experience, language, adaptability etc.

4. Safe destination for immigration:  Canada is quiet a safe destination for immigration under it comes to living, apply for permanent visa, settling and work. Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada with permanent residence status. Applicant will be allowed with Dual Citizenship.

5. Pension Plan: Canadian resident is entitled under the Canadian Pension Plan to receive retirement pension. It depends upon the age at which he/she chooses to opt for the plan and is optimal at age 65. Canadian resident is entitled to old age pension in Canada. The amount of pension will depend upon the number of years-lived in Canada. Its maximum if the person has stayed in Canada for 40 years after the age 18. For each year less than that, it is reduced by 1/40 of the full-entitled amount.

6. Childcare & Education Benefits:  Federal and Provincial governments provide certain amount every month for upbringing of each child. The amount depends upon the income earned by the parents in the last year. It is the best thing you can do to build a better future for your children and yourself. In Canada education is free in Public schools till Grade 12th.

7. Lesser time for immigration 6-8 months: Canada immigration takes lesser time if compare to other immigration process. Canada has a fastest Express Entry Program process the received Canada PR applications within 8-10 months. However, the processing time may vary based on individual applications and the profile as well.

8. Lenient Immigration policy for foreigners:  The government of Canada faces lack of human sourcing in some field so they hire people from other countries.  They launch a demand occupation list and mention all the profile which has vacancies in Canada so that they can invite needs a skilled worker for its fast-growing industries, however, due to low population growth, not enough skilled people are available to take up the skilled jobs. This is the reason that Canada is inviting the skilled workers in bulk and easing its immigration rules and procedures constantly.

9. Health Insurance: Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world. Excellent hospitals, clinics or doctors’ offices are located in most communities. Their services are usually available free of charge to all residents of Canada registered under the national health insurance program. 

10. Growth in economy: As immigration is a two-way beneficial set-up for both the applicant and the nation, every country opts for immigrants that belong to the skill-area they are facing a shortage in – mostly skilled professionals. These professionals in turn help not just the company they are working for but also contribute very well towards the growth of their adopted country’s economy.


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