Am I a Canadian national if my parent is a Canadian?

Am I a Canadian national if my parent is a Canadian

You are eligible for Canadian citizenship if your parent is a Canadian, however you need to apply.

Canada permits the children of its citizens to apply for Canadian citizenship.

If you’ve got a minimum of one biological or legal parent who was a Canadian citizenship at the time of your birth, you’ll be able to submit a proof of Citizenship application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The fee is merely $75 CAD. Note that Canada permits citizenship by descent for the first generation born outside of Canada only.
You are able to claim Canadian citizenship at any time in your life. you are additionally able to apply for Proof of Citizenship even if your Canadian parent is deceased.
IRCC needs proof of your Canadian parent. this may be in the form of your parent’s birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, or citizenship certificate.
Once IRCC receives your application, it will send you an “acknowledgment of receipt.” they will then send you a Canadian citizenship certificate once your application has been approved.
Becoming a Canadian national is useful for several reasons. Canada is a stable country with a various society and powerful economy. The country offers safety, security, universal healthcare, and top quality education. additionally, the Canadian passport is one amongst the world’s strongest, giving visa-free visit to 185 countries.
An experienced and trusted Canadian immigration professional will facilitate submit your Proof of Citizenship application. they’re going to use their experience to make sure you submit a whole and correct application. this can be vital since the pandemic has delayed IRCC’s process. Pre-pandemic, it took IRCC 5 months to process Proof of Citizenship applications. currently its web site is reporting a mean interval of 17 months. A professional will assist you avoid waiting to any extent further than necessary to achieve Canadian citizenship.

You should check for Canada Immigration Consultant in India.
The good news is Canada is creating larger investments in technology to boost its immigration process. Moreover, the wait to get Canadian citizenship is worth it in the end, thanks to the excessiveness of benefits Canada has to offer.

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