B.C. issues 87 invitations in new Tech Pilot draw- 23rd June 2020

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British Columbia invited 87 immigration candidates with a job offer in the province’s technology sector to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence on June 23.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech Pilot draw held today issued invitations to candidates under the Express Entry BC and Skills immigration categories.

Selected candidates who were from the Skilled Worker and International graduate subcategories needed a minimum provincial score of 80. 

 The June 23 draw saw the minimum score remain in the low 80s, as has been the case for Tech Pilot draws since the beginning of May. 

The BC PNP Tech Pilot is a fast-track immigration pathway for in-demand tech workers and international students. 

The pilot project was launched in 2017 and has been extended several times, most recently until June 2021. 

In order to be considered eligible for this program, candidates need to be registered in one of B.C.’s existing provincial immigration streams and have a valid job offer of at least 12 months in one of the Tech Pilot’s 29 eligible occupations. 

To apply for the Skills Immigration or Express Entry BC categories candidates must first create a profile through the BC PNP’s online portal and register under its Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). 

Applicants are evaluated and issued a score based on factors such as level of education, work experience, proficiency in English and location of employment. 

Express Entry candidates who receive a nomination from British Columbia will be given an additional 600 points toward their Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and are effectively guaranteed an Invitation To Apply (ITA) in a future federal Express Entry draw. 

So far in June, B.C. has held 6 draws through its various PNP categories and streams and invited 729 candidates to apply for a provincial nomination

Invited candidates have 30 calendar days to apply for the nomination. 


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