Benefits of Combining Express Entry with Canada Business Immigration

Benefits of Combining Express Entry with Canada Business Immigration

We all know Canada Express Entry is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. But just applying the express entry pool or creating a profile is not enough to ensure you a permanent residency in Canada. you need to work hard towards you visa application to make it stronger than your counter part who are in the pool. because CRS (comprehensive ranking system) plays a very important role when it comes to ITA (Invitation to apply). IRCC provide invitation to only those candidates who has highest CRS score among the applicants in the pool, and to get an invitation you need to all the efforts to boost your CRS. Applying for Canada business visa is one of the best options to improve your CRS score as it secures you a business in Canada or a work permit as well.

How to Apply Canada business visa along with Express Entry Program.

Entrepreneurs who are planning to start their business in Canada should always apply for Canada express entry visa to make the process fast as it will increase the chances of your visa applications. Or before applying for Canada express Entry if you start your business in Canada that will increase your CRS point as you already have work experience in Canada. One year of full-time Canadian work experience will boost your CRS score up to 250 points, and guaranteeing you an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. You can have advantages of your business immigration as per below.

  • Secure employment in Canada: when you apply for Canada permanent resident visa, you still feel insecure when it comes to job or career in Canada as don’t hold any job offer letter from Canada. but having a business in Canada already can remove that insecurity. This is the biggest benefit of having business in Canada before applying for Canada Express Entry.
  • Government Benefits from Canada: when you start your business in Canada, you will be granted a work permit of Canada and by holding work permit of Canada, you and your family can move to Canada. you can avail all the government benefits which can be availed only by a Canadian or a PR holder like medical insurance etc.
  • Spouse work permit: your Can take your whole family under Canada work permit in Canada and your spouse can legally work with any of the employer in Canada. so, your spouse will get Canadian experience which have a huge benefit to express entry program as it will boost your CRS points against others in the pool.
  • Don’t have to waste time: if you apply for Canada express entry first, you have to wait to get permanent resident visa in your home country as it takes a lot of time. But if you apply for Canada business visa first then you can start your work in Canada before getting PR visa.

Pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence

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