Is Canada Start up visa Fastest Business immigration Program?

Lots of entrepreneurs want to run their own business in Canada or want to move to Canada on a business immigration program. But the question which they have in their mind is the lengthy and time taking process. Because as they are already busy with their current business activities so they want a quick process. Which can help them to move to Canada quickly and run their business.  As no body want to waste years to get the visa.

Canada Start-Up Visa Program as your business immigration solution.  

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program is truly a best option when it comes to Quick business immigration program. You can start your business in Canada with 2 to 3 months of time. You can first move to Canada on work permit while your permanent resident application is on the way. Under other immigration programs you have to wait more than 4 to 5 years to complete your application for business visa where under Canada start up program you can move to Canada within 90 days. Canada Start up process is a very speedy process when it come to saving your time. reducing the amount of time, you and your family need to wait to become residents, this program also allows you to establish your business anywhere in the country other than the province of Quebec.

While you will need to have a minimum amount of investment capital as a stipulation of the Canada startup visa, you don’t need to show proof of your overall funds to become a PR via the program. With the assistance of a designated organization (e.g. venture capital firms, angel investors, or business incubators) mandated by the Canadian Immigration Authorities, you will be able to attain the start-up capital you need to start running your business in Canada as quickly as possible.

The entrepreneurs can expect below benefits for being part of this economic growth.

  1. Strong, Stable and Competitive economy
  2. Financial help and assistance.
  3. Low corporate taxes
  4. Many federal and provincial business start-up benefits
  5. Educated and highly skilled workforce
  6. Quick process
  7. Family visa

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