Canadian politician wants to improve Super Visa for parents and grandparents

Canadian politician wants to improve Super Visa for parents and grandparents

If passed, the new bill would create it easier and cheaper for parents and grandparents to remain in Canada for longer.
Canadian Member of Parliament Kyle Seeback is proposing a replacement bill to support parents and grandparents coming to Canada.

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The planned changes would have an effect on the Super Visa for parents and grandparents. Currently, the Super Visa permits parents and grandparents of Canadians to visit for 2 consecutive years without having to renew their status. The visas themselves allow multiple entries to Canada over the course of ten years. very like the parents and Grandparents Program, it needs the Canadian kid or offspring to satisfy a minimum income demand set by the government. It additionally needs parents and grandparents to have medical insurance coverage with a Canadian company.
Seeback is a member of the conservative party and sits on the standing committee for Citizenship and Immigration. He planned Bill C-242 calls for 3 major changes to the Super Visa.
Firstly, Seeback needs parents and grandparents to be allowed to remain for 5 consecutive years while not having to renew their visa.

Second, the bill proposes that Super Visa candidates be allowed to buy medical insurance from countries apart from Canada. Seeback says this might save families thousands of dollars in insurance costs per annum.
Finally, it additionally proposes that the government cut back the low-income cut-off for Canadians want to host their parents and grandparents. though Seeback said he thinks the financial gain take a look at for this category ought to be eliminated entirely, he doesn’t think it’s the right time for it.
“The view of bringing a parent or a grandparent to remain with you is an economic burden is wrong,” Seeback said, “What I really found… is that once a parent or grandparent comes it enhances the economic well-being of that family… It is that they’re providing some reduction of daycare costs as a result of the parent or grandparent is there to help with the family.”
So far, the bill has passed its initial and second readings and is currently being studied by the standing committee on Citizenship and Immigration. The commission is comprised of elected federal government officials. Their mandate is to watch federal policy concerning immigration and multiculturalism, still as manage the immigration department and refugee board. They conduct studies and create recommendations to guide immigration policy.
The bill will need to pass the committee before the third reading. it’ll solely become law once it passes the third reading and consideration of the Senate. The governor general can then have to be compelled to grant the bill royal assent, only then will it come into force.
Ashti Waissi, a interpreter from Seeback’s office, told CIC News the NDP and bloc parties can support the bill upon its third reading, however it’s unsure whether or not C-242 can get Liberal support.
Committee members questioned Seeback’s bill, specifically concerning the item on insurance. Seeback introduced the concept of permitting parents and grandparents to buy insurance internationally whereas declaring it will price between $1,700 CAD and $4,600 CAD per annum for someone in their early seventies with no pre-existing medical condition.
“This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to visit any insurance company anywhere within the world,” Seeback told the committee, “I’m encouraging the minister to line up a framework for the bottom rules for once an insurance company would qualify in order that people can buy insurance outside of the country.”
Concerns over allowing Super Visa holders to return to Canada with their own insurance arise from the fact that ought to a foreign insurance company be unable to hide a medical bill, the onus could fall onto a Canadian taxpayer.

In responses to queries posed by committee members, Seeback said he has confidence the government will originated a framework to confirm foreign insurance firms will cover medical costs just in case Super Visa holders get sick. He noted that Canada presently incorporates a framework for deciding that international doctors will provide medical clearance certificates, he says one thing similar should even be possible for insurance firms.
Although he said he didn’t know how quickly the framework may be set up, he same it might be “worth the wait.”

“It will be thus great for Canadian families,” Seeback said.

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