Canada is one of the most family-friendly countries in the world. Canada Sponsorship programme 2020 immigration policies have been design to provide maximum benefit to immigrants and under the new family immigration process, you can actually move to the country with your entire family at a very inexpensive price. The processing time for these kinds of immigration applications too, is not any higher than that of a regular immigration process.

Documentation process for the Canadian Sponsorship Program :

First of all, you have to understand who is eligible to be a sponsor and who is a qualified sponsor.


In order to sponsor a partner, you:

●Should be at least 18 years old.

●Should be a permanent resident of Canada.

● A spouse cannot be sponsored within the last five years.

●Should be sign a financial agreement stating that you will be financially responsible for your spouse for a period of three years.

●Must not be under a removal order.

●Must not be in prison.

●Should not have been convicted of any sexual crime.

●Should not have been convicted of a violent crime that carries a punishment of more than 10 years imprisonment.

●Should not have been convicted of a crime that involves bodily harm to a relative or partner.

●Must not have defaulted on a previous sponsorship.

●Should not be in default of any court-ordered support payments.

●Must not have an undischarged bankruptcy.

●Should not be a recipient of social assistance other than for a disability.


Partner relations are defined in many ways in relation to the immigration process.
These are:

●A marital relationship.
The marriage will be recognized by Canadian immigration authorities, as long as the marriage was not legally performed in a country and is compliant with Canadian laws. Valid certificate of marriage has to be supplied for verification.

Common-law partnership.
A common-law partnership consists of two adults who have been living together in a marriage-like relationship for over a year. This relationship has the same validity as traditional marriage in terms of immigration. The sponsorship process for a common law partnership is more complex because evidence should be provided in the form of a shared bill.
●Conjugal partner relationship.

A conjunctive partnership describes two adults who have been in a relationship such as marriage but circumstances that have not allowed them to live together continuously for one year. This will only be considered if there are genuine reasons that the couple cannot live together and is not based on convenience only. Authorities will need to see evidence that the pairing is not a sham for the purpose of Canadian citizenship.

The spouse or partner sponsorship process usually takes about a year to obtain final approval.
Processing time depends on the workload a visa or immigration office is experiencing, as well as how the application is completed. Missing or confusing information can delay approval.

It is always in your interest to find a qualified immigration lawyer to assist you through the process.

You can come in the office directly for any immigration query. But it will be beneficial for you complete your free assessment visa form before the meeting. So that the consultant has all the knowledge about your profile and he can guide you properly.To know any further you can call us on -+91 9810366117  and also mail us at- 

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