Express Entry: ITAs up CRS down in new all-program draw

Express Entry ITAs up CRS down in new all-program draw

IRCC holds second all-program draw in a row after 18-month pause.

Canada invited 1,750 express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence on July 20. express Entry is one among the most ways in which Canada welcomes immigrants. In 2022, Canada is on target to welcome 55,900 immigrants through express Entry, then by 2024 the target will skyrocket to 111,500.
Candidates were invited if that they had a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of a minimum of 542. There was no program specified for this draw, which means candidates from the Canadian expertise class (CEC) or Federal skilled worker Program (FSWP) had the potential to be invited.
The CRS demand for the new draw is 15 points under the previous all-program draw on July 6, when the minimum cut-off score was 557. Also, Canada issued 250 more invitations during this draw compared to the previous round of 1,500 invitations.

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Second express Entry draw since Dec 2020
This was the second all-program draw since July 6 when an 18-month hiatus, throughout which time Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) solely invited candidates eligible for immigration through either the Canadian experience class (CEC) or Provincial nominee Program (PNP).
In an all-program express Entry draw, IRCC considers the CRS from all candidates within the express Entry pool, in spite of that program they’re eligible for. Before the pandemic, most express Entry draws weren’t program-specific, which means candidates eligible for any express Entry program had the prospect to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) if they met the minimum CRS.

Between January 2021 and Sept 2021, IRCC command PNP and CEC draws concerning each period. when September 21, 2021, IRCC stopped inviting CEC candidates as a result of the expected application process times were driven in more than the six-month standard.

Although IRCC is back to holding all-program further, more changes are forthcoming to the express Entry system. The reforms named within the recently-passed Bill C-19 are expected to come into force in early 2023. Once enforced, IRCC are ready to hold targeted draws that invite express Entry candidates to apply based on an economic goal. Candidates can be invited supported their occupation, educational certificate, language ability, or other factor that corresponds to labour market desires.

What is specific Entry?
Express Entry is that the application management system for three Canadian immigration programs: the Canadian class category (CEC), the Federal skilled worker Program (FSWP) and the Federal skilled Trades Program (FSTP). Provincial nominee Program (PNP) candidates within the express Entry pool are already eligible for at least one among these programs.

Express Entry uses a points-based system, the comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), to rank candidates’ profiles. The top-scoring candidates receive an invitation to apply (ITA) and may then apply for permanent residency.

After the candidate applies, an IRCC officer reviews the applying and makes a call. The officer can ask for biometrics and will set up an interview or request more documents.
Once approved, the applicant gets a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). After that, the ultimate step is to complete the landing method and formally become a Canadian permanent resident.

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