How to get proof of Canadian Citizenship

How to get proof of Canadian citizenship

If a minimum of one among your parents was Canadian at the time of your birth, you’ll be eligible for Canadian citizenship.
Regardless of wherever you were born, if your parent was a first-generation Canadian at the time of your birth, you’ll apply for a proof of citizenship.

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The proof of citizenship is a standardized document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that provides definitive proof that you just are a Canadian citizen.

Eligibility Criteria
It is vital to notice that Canada only permits citizenship by descent for the first generation. If your parent was a citizen by birth or naturalization at the time of your birth you’ll be eligible. However, if your parent got citizenship by descent and you were born outside of Canada they can not pass citizenship on to you.

You can apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate at any time of your life. you’ll also submit the application no matter whether or not your Canadian parent is alive or deceased.

Note that children adopted by a Canadian after they were born need to become a Canadian citizen. they’re not eligible to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate.

Canadian Citizenship Certificate Application process
To apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate, you want to transfer the application package offered on IRCC’s web site. IRCC needs candidates to demonstrate their biological or legal parent was a Canadian subject when the applicant was born. IRCC accepts proof like the birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card or citizenship certificate of the Canadian parent.

IRCC can send an “acknowledgment of receipt” once it confirms the submitted application is complete. Upon the application being approved, IRCC will send a Canadian citizenship certificate.
You can check the processing status of your application on-line on IRCC’s website. complex files sometimes have longer process times. IRCC offers an urgent process choice in special cases. this selection provides people with a expedited and speeded up route if they have to access advantages like healthcare, a social insurance range, to begin a job, or just in case of emergency travel to or from Canada.
The Canadian government fee is $75 CAD to apply.

You are welcome to contact an experienced Canadian immigration professional person to assist you with the method. A professional person will double check to confirm you meet all the eligibility criteria and correspond with the Canadian government to help you become a Canadian at once.

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