HR manager In Canada From India

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HR managers play a key role in hiring and
achievement. In alternative words, they appear out for, rate and use the most effective abilities for a specific organization. Hence, they are
largely in demand with numerous individuals  get employed by Canadian firms each

Main duties

Following are some duties which is performed by HR manager:

  • Plan, organize direct, management and appraise the operations of human resources or personnel departments.
  • Plan human resource necessities in conjunction with alternative division managers.
  • Co-ordinate internal and external coaching and achievement activities
  • Develop and implement labour relations policies and procedures and hash out collective agreements.
  • Administer worker development, language coaching and health and safety programs.
  • Advise and assist alternative division managers on interpretation and administration of personnel policies and programs.
  • Oversee the classification and rating of occupations.
  • Organize and conduct worker info conferences on employment policy, advantages and compensation and participate actively on varied joint committees.
  • Direct the organization's quality management program.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation like the Pay Equity Act.

Employment requirementsEmployment requirements

  • A academic degree during a field associated with personnel management, like business administration, industrial relations, commerce or science or completion of knowledgeable development program in personnel administration is needed.
  • Several years of expertise as a personnel officer or human resource specialist square measure needed.
    Some employers might need human resources managers to carry a licensed Human Resources skilled (CHRP) designation.

Additional info

  • Progression to senior management positions is feasible with expertise.
  • Other joint committees led by human resources managers might concentrate on problems like alcohol or white plague.

The job might fall under below NOC codes of Canada.

1121 HR professional

  • Classification officer – human resources
  • compensation analysis analyst
  • Employment adviser
  • Employee relations officer
  • Employment equity officer
  • human resources adviser
  • human resources analysis officer
  • job analyst
  • labor organization agent
  • Labor relations officer
  • Intermediary
  • Union Counselor
  • Wage analyst

0112 HR Mangers

  • Employer-employee relations manager
  • Human resources administrator
  • Human resources manager
  • Human resources progress and planning administrator.
  • Occupational health and safety manager
  • Pay and edges manager.
  • Personnel administrator.
  • Organization services manager.
  • Personnel coaching and development manager.
  • Recruiting officer
  • Staff relations manager

1223 Human resources and recruitment officers

  • Human resources manager.
  • Enrollment specialist.
  • Staffing analyst.
  • Staffing organizer.

1241 Administrative assistants

  • Human resources assistant.

1415 Personnel clerks

  • Classification clerk – human resources.
  • Human resources clerk.
  • Staffing clerk.
  • Guidance clerk.


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