Immigrate To Nova Scotia – Best Place to settle In Canada

Immigrate To Nova Scotia – Best Place to settle In Canada

Immigrate To Nova Scotia –Best Place to settle In Canada and Looking for the best city to settle in Canada?  The search for those who seek to settle in Canada often revolves in and around Ottawa. Well, if you have gone through the title of this article well, then you have read it right. Nova Scotia is one of the most liked places by immigrants to settle in Canada. It is seen that communities and society have a major role in persuading an immigrant to settle in a particular place or city. If this is to be believed, the people of Nova Scotia may be considered the most friendly and welcoming among people from other Canadian provinces and territories.

Nova Scotia Province Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is one of the most liked places by the immigrants to get settled in Canada

Nova Scotia Makes Effort to Retain Immigrants

According to Nova Scotia’s Minister of Immigration, Lena Metledge Diab, “Immigrants help build our province and make Nova Scotia a vibrant and dynamic society. The growth of our economy is critical to Nova Scotia’s future and to immigrants.” Attracting is critical to our economic success. Through hard work, Nova Scotia has increased immigration enrollment Successfully negotiated with the federal government for the increase. ”

In 2015, the province enrolled 1,350 migrants under the PNP, nearly double the number of 700 it had caped in 2014, Lina said.

To attract migrants to Nova Scotia, the province introduced four new immigration categories. Of which two were for express entry stream and the remaining two were for magnetizing international entrepreneurs and keeping foreign graduate entrepreneurs in the province. The purpose that the province is not just to woo immigrants, but also to invite individuals and families who are ready to start and build a new life here.

Nova Scotia’s Significant Immigrant Retention Rate

The province is really focusing on the retention part to a large extent. And for this to happen, such efforts, such as magnetizing new immigrants to the province, structuring new immigration streams, and helping to settle new ones, are constantly being undertaken. And these efforts are actually reflected in the Statistics Canada report, which states that Nova Scotia retains 74 percent of the immigrants who visited here between 2008 and 2013. This staggering figure tells the entire story itself.

The province has come a long way to achieve this goal, especially as we keep track of the 48 percent of the way back, in the early 2000s.

Plans to welcome more migrants to Nova Scotia

The province of Nova Scotia has received plans to welcome and retain more and more new migrants and refugees in the future. To make this goal a success, Nova Scotia’s immigration department is working hand-in-hand with the province’s Immigrant Services Association to help immigrants settle in a hassle-free manner. Immigrant services across the province, ie job-readiness, language instruction and cultural integration and training are being made available.

Therefore, if you are planning to live in Canada, we suggest you put Nova Scotia at the top of your priority list.

How to apply for Nova Scotia immigration?

Well, the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program is the immigration program; You can apply to migrate to this incredible Canadian province.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program: OK, NCPNP is basically a three phase process:

  • First of all, you have to apply to NCPNP to submit all the required documents.
  • The province will review your application and if you are selected you will receive a nomination certificate
  • After receiving enrollment, you can apply to the IRCC for permanent residency in Nova Scotia.

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