IRCC launches public survey to reform immigration system

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched its initiative “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future”.

The initiative provides an opportunity for Canadians and other stakeholders to share their ideas and perspectives on how Canada can build a stronger, more adaptive immigration system.

The IRCC website states that in order to support Canada’s economy and strengthen communities, “it is essential to have immigration policies and programs that are modern, responsive to change, and consistent with Canada’s social, economic and cultural needs.” To do this, by April 2023, IRCC will work with people across the country to collaborate on a vision for the future of Canada’s immigration system.

The initiative began in February with a one-on-one dialogue session in Halifax, chaired by Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

IRCC’s press release contained information that the initiative is expected to include more in-person dialogue sessions as well as “thematic workshops and a survey for the public and our customers”.

Today IRCC made this survey available to the public. The survey invites people to share their thoughts on providing advice for the future of immigration to Canada.

What types of questions can I expect in the survey?

The survey begins with an inquiry about your initial views on the current immigration system in Canada. Specifically, the IRCC asks whether you think the Canadian government is on the right track or the wrong track in managing its immigration and your opinion on the number of immigrants coming to Canada.

After answering these questions, the IRCC provides basic information about Canada’s immigration system, including the different ways people interact with Canada’s immigration system and the policies and laws that shape the system. Has been done The survey continues by asking about the main challenges or gaps facing Canada’s current immigration system and provides space for you to discuss your views.

Asking for characteristics or qualities that describe what you would like Canada’s immigration system to look like, the survey highlights important immigration trends in Canada.

For example, Canada has an aging population. People in Canada don’t have as many children, and immigration will soon account for 100% of population growth. Furthermore, many sectors and industries in Canada are facing a labor shortage. Immigration and temporary foreign workers can help meet the labor market needs of the future.

In addition, there is pressure on social programs and a lack of affordable housing.

Population growth from immigration can add to these pressures but can also bring in workers to help in sectors such as construction and health care. Other trends discussed include how Canada might respond to a global humanitarian crisis, the fairness and transparency of the immigration system and how federal, provincial and territorial stakeholders can be involved in selecting and settling newcomers.

In considering these trends in your vision for Canadian immigration, you are asked what changes would need to happen to make your vision a reality.

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