PEI invites 158 Express Entry, Labour Impact and Business Impact candidates in latest draw

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PEI has now issued 1,177 invitations to Express Entry and Labor Impact candidates in 2019.

PEI invites candidates with 158 express admissions, labor impact and business impact to the latest draw
PEI has now issued 1,177 invitations to Express Entry and Labor Impact candidates in 2019.

New invitations were issued to immigration candidates in a draw held on 17 October by Prince Edward Island

158 invitations went to candidates in Prince Edward Island (PEI) Express Entry, Labor Impact and Business Impact categories.

146 candidates invited in the Express Entry and Labor Impact category can now apply for nomination for permanent residency in Canada from the province\’s immigrant nominee program PEI PNP.
PEI’s Express Entry Category is linked to the federal Express Entry system, which manages the pool of candidates for three of Canada’s main economic immigration categories — the Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Class.
Express provincial candidates who receive a provincial nomination are awarded 600 additional points toward their federal ranking score. These points effectively invite an express entry draw from the Government of Canada to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

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To be considered for nomination, express entry candidates must submit a separate expression of interest (EOI) to the PEP PNP.

EOI profiles are awarded scores based on PEI\’s unique score grid and candidates with the highest rank are invited to apply through a monthly draw.

PEI PNP did not break down how many express entry candidates were invited or required minimum EOI scores.

An unspecified number of Labor Impact category candidates were also invited to the 17 October draw.

The Labor Impact category is for foreign nationals with a valid job offer in the province and is supported by PEI employers and is divided into three stages: Skilled Worker, Critical Worker, and International Graduate.

It is also necessary to present an EOI profile to be considered for a provincial nomination through the Labor Impact Category.

The PEI PNP has now issued 1,177 invitations to apply through its Express Entry and Labour Impact categories in 2019.

Another 12 invitations were issued to candidates with EOI profile in PEI’s Business Impact: Work Permit Stream.

The minimum EOI score of the invitees was 122.

The work permit stream is for individuals who are interested in running and operating their business on PEI.

This year a total of 168 invitations have been issued to foreign entrepreneurs through the work permit stream.

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