Quebec invited 585 candidates with score of 517

Quebec invited 585 candidates with score of 517

Quebec released the results of a third draw that took place last month on August 26. This third round of invitations held via the Arrima expression of interest system over the past month was the largest of the year under the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

A total of 585 immigration candidates with a score of at least 517 in the Arrima pool were invited to apply for permanent selection by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI). 

Quebec had already conducted two other rounds of invitations through Arrima last month, on August 12 and August 19, in which the number of invited candidates exceeded 500—significantly more than any of the other draws conducted this year.

The latest invitations sent out through Arrima also targeted candidates with a valid job offer outside the Montréal Metropolitan area and who work in occupations that are currently in high demand in Quebec. The list of targeted occupations provided by the government is as follows:

  • Computer and information systems managers (NOC 0213);
  • Electrical and electronics engineers (NOC 2133);
  • Industrial and manufacturing engineers (NOC 2141);
  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) (NOC 2147);
  • Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171);
  • Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 2172);
  • Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174);
  • Web designers and developers (NOC 2175);
  • Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians (NOC 2241);
  • Computer network technicians (NOC 2281);
  • User support technicians (NOC 2282);
  • Information systems testing technicians (NOC 2283);
  • Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations (NOC 5131);
  • Graphic arts technicians (NOC 5223);
  • Graphic designers and illustrators (NOC 5241);
  • Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade (NOC 6221).

Following several months of invitations being sent out monthly, Quebec seems to be stepping up the pace by issuing record numbers of invitations via Arrima every week. This draw is Quebec’s eighth of the year. A total of 2,145 candidates have now been invited to apply for permanent selection by the province.

What is the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)?

Developed by the Government of Quebec and the Canadian Federal Government, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) enables highly educated and trained foreign nationals to immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers. It tests prospective immigrants who apply to according to a selection grid of factors, and applicants who score enough points are given a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which they can then used to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Eligibility for the Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Program is determined by nine selection factors as below:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Language Proficiency
  • Characteristics of Spouse
  • Financial Self-sufficiency

Quebec Skilled Worker Fees:

  • Main applicant – CAD $812
  • Spouse or common-law partner – CAD $174
  • Dependent children – CAD $174 each

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Required Documents:

Individuals and families applying for the Quebec Canada Immigration Skilled Worker Program must support their application with supplementary documentation. Besides the Quebec Skilled Worker application form (Immigration Quebec form A-0520-AA “Application for Selection Certificate – SKILLED WORKER\”), the following supporting documents should also be included with a QSWP application.

  • Photocopy of a valid passport (showing issue date and expiry date)
  • Photocopy of a birth  certificate
  • Photocopy of a marriage certificate, a judgment of divorce, and/or certificate of death of spouse (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of 2+ civil status documents attesting to de facto spouse status such as a utility bill, shared bank account statements, mortgage or lease, etc. Documents must contain both names. (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of a valid residence permit if living in a country in which you are not a citizen (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of proof of enrolment as a foreign student (if applicable)
  • Original declaration of parental consent if minor under 18 years of age will accompany you to Canada without the other parent. Consent must be made before a judge, magistrate, and officer of the court, notary, Government employee or diplomatic representative from your country of citizenship. A certificate of death of the other parent, or a court judgment granting sole custody of the child to the accompanying parent will also suffice. (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of adoption papers for accompanying child (if applicable)
  • Original medical certificate indicating physical or mental incapacity of accompanying adult child (if applicable)
  • Original passport-sized photos of all family members immigrating to Quebec
  • Certified true copy of all degrees and diplomas, as well as all corresponding transcripts (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of official work attestation for each job declared in your Quebec Skilled Worker application. Must be printed on company letterhead and contain detailed information about job duration, positions held, tasks performed, and hours worked per week. (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of internship attestation on company letterhead and containing company contact information (if applicable)
  • Certified true copy of all internship agreements completed as part of a study program
  • Photocopy of documentation supporting your work as a self-employed person or contractor
  • Photocopy of certificate of company registration (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of documents demonstrating membership in a professional order (if applicable)
  • Original or certified true copy of income tax return to prove legality of work experience
  • Photocopy of professional practice permit in Quebec as well as authorization to practice a regulated trade in Quebec by local regulatory body (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of certificate of competence or qualification by regulatory body in Quebec (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of mutual recognition arrangement (ARM) eligibility for residents of France (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of French language testing: TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Canada, TCF, TCFQ, DELF or DALF (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of English language testing: IELTS (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of proof of relationship with Quebec. Either a Quebec work permit or study permit, or proof of exemption for one, or passport stamps demonstrating a visit to Quebec. (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of proof of family in Quebec. Birth certificate of family member domiciled in the province, as well as their valid Quebec healthcare card and Canadian passport or residency card. (if applicable)

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