Quebec invites foreign workers to apply -20th September 2019

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Quebec has a special agreement on immigration with the Government of Canada. The province has its own rules for choosing immigrants who will adapt well to living there. They assess Worker applicants who intend to live in Montreal or in another city or region within the province of Quebec under a different system than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canad.  Skilled Workers or international graduates in Quebec may apply to immigrate to Quebec under what the Government of Quebec calls its \’Regular Skilled Worker Program\’, also known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Eligibility to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Applicants who get selected under the Quebec Skilled Worker program a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and then they can apply for Canada permanent resident visas. Medical and criminal background checkups need to be approved from Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The draw targeted Quebec Skilled Worker Program candidates with an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the province’s Arima system that had their previous applications cancelled under immigration reforms passed on June 16, 2019.

The applicant needs to meet the following criteria to receive an invitation from Quebec.

To apply for EOI Quebec skilled worker Program, the Applicant has to create a profile in Arima are awarded a score based on factors including their age, an education, an area of training, work experience and proficiency in French.

The EOI-based online system replaced the previous, first-come-first-served approach to accepting applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Candidates will get an invitation to apply for a CSQ based on either their scores or other factors such as labour shortages in the province’s outlying regions.

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