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Upgrading your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from World Education Services is an important first step toward the next phase of your educational journey or career in Canada.

An ECA provides newcomers with an evaluation of how their international academic credentials compare to Canadian educational standards. ECAs are beneficial for Express Entry and immigration purposes, but did you know that upgrading your ECA could help you reach your professional goals more quickly?

The benefits of upgrading your ECA

In other words, those continuing their education or career after successfully migrating may require a standard credential evaluation report.

These standard evaluations, either Document-by-Document (DxD) or Course-by-Course (CxC), can help immigrants obtain recognition of their educational credentials from employers, higher education institutions, and professional licensing bodies.

Standard credential evaluation reports also contain two key pieces of information for employers, professional licensing bodies, and institutions of higher education:

  • The admission requirement of your academic credential
  • The official length of the academic program

Two types of ECA upgrades: DxD and CxC

A DxD report identifies and describes each educational credential that an applicant submits to WES. This report will outline the Canadian equivalent of each submitted credential, making it ideal for employment purposes and for licensure processes—depending on the licensing body and its requirements.

Note: The type of credential evaluation report you will need to order will depend on the licensing requirements set out by the specific licensing body. Make sure to confirm with the appropriate licensing body the type of report it requires.

A CxC report provides the Canadian equivalent for every international credential submitted and also includes a listing of each academic course on the applicant’s academic transcript. Moreover, CxC reports include converted semester credits and grades, as well as the applicant’s calculated grade point average or GPA.

CxC reports may be appropriate for those seeking university admissions and, in some cases, a professional license. Some colleges and universities could require a first-year international student to provide an in-depth review of their academic history.

For professional licensure candidates, a CxC report can help verify their education, outlining for a licensing body exactly how their credit hours and grades convert to Canadian educational standards.

Note: Standard credential evaluation reports from WES have no expiration date and can be used multiple times by individuals who choose to pursue more than one academic or career path.

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