What Is The Cost Of Living In Canada?

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students and expatriates. Worldwide Healthcare, a socially progressive government, has a reputation for kindness and a geography perfect for hikers, skiers, sailors, photographers and urban dwellers. It is easy to see why so many people around the world have thought of moving to Canada.

Most Asking Question are, What is the average cost of living in Canada? 

In this blog, we discuss the average cost of living in Canada in different terms.

  • Cost of accommodation in Canada – People migrating from other countries find the cost of living in Canada to be equally low compared to their birthplace. They can go for deluxe and luxurious homes or a medium apartment, according to their needs and level of preference, to suit their financial conditions. There is a lot for everyone in Canada. The cost of rent in Canada varies from city to city. The highest fares are in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto, which is close to the city center. Experts renting an apartment outside the city can expect to pay a lower rent.

Toronto in Ontario,Vancouver in British Columbia,Victoria in British Columbia, Hamilton-Burlington in Ontario, Calgary in Alberta are some most expensive cities to live in Canada.

When you choose to live in a place outside the major cities of Canada you can cut your cost of living. Some of the cheapest places to live in Canada are Abbotsford in British Columbia, St. Catherine’s in Ontario, Moncton in New Brunswick,The province of Quebec are some

  • Cost of food and groceries in Canada – Food and drink in Canada are highly priced, but cannot be considered cheap, even if they are cheaper than in Western European countries. Food is slightly more expensive than in the United States. However, food prices in Canada have been increasing over the years.
    There are two options. Either go for a homemade meal, which will cost less, or plan to eat outside at a restaurant that can cost you a fortune. choice is yours! In all, you can expect to spend one-eighth of your total income on food products. In addition, items such as alcohol and cigarettes are heavily taxed and therefore fall under the label of “expensive” food items.

    City Food And Groceries – 1 Month Cost Of A Basic Meal Meal At A Fast Food Chain Fine Dining
    Vancouver 310-410 18 10 55-125
    Toronto 400-520 17 10 55-150
    Montreal 200-220 16 11 45-125
    Ottawa 200-215 19 10 65-120
    Victoria 250-400 19 10 46-110
    Burnaby 350-420 18 10 35-100
    Calgary 220-320 19 9 55-110

    Note: Price in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

  • Cost of education in Canada – Students find Canada as a unique destination for study. World class Canadian universities are the cheapest among other countries. Low tuition fees, world-renowned institutions and a wide variety of options are key aspects of Canada as a wonderful learning destination. Students at the postgraduate level are offered a “Commonwealth Scholarship”, which is limited to qualified candidates.
  • Cost of healthcare in Canada – Canada has a free health care system for its citizens and permanent residents. It is a basic healthcare scheme funded by the government through taxes collected by taxpayers. This basic health care plan may vary depending on the province in which you live. It is necessary to note that there are many things that are not included in the basic health care plan. When it comes to health care, the purchase of additional coverage is essential. 
City Doctor’s Fee Antibiotics Medicine For Cold
Vancouver 101 24 10
Toronto 106 25 11
Montreal 124 17 10
Ottawa 93 25 10
Victoria 80 33 9
Burnaby 100 25 10
Calgary 65 23 10

Note: Price in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

  • Cost Of Transportation In Canada – Canada has a transportation system that includes just over 1 million kilometers of roads, 13 major international airports, 300 small airports, railway tracks with a working span of approximately 72,100 km, and access to over 300 commercial ports and seaports, the Atlantic and Arctic Container ports are included. Oceans, as well as the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway.Public transport in Canada is quite expensive, but major metro poles are certainly less expensive than other important world centers. Cars are relatively inexpensive compared to petrol, and most Canadians buy their own cars.
City Public Transportation Charges
Vancouver 110
Toronto 145
Montreal 82
Ottawa 115
Victoria 83
Burnaby 125
Calgary 104

Note: Price in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

  • Cost of other goods in Canada – Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive in Canada because they are heavily taxed. There are many large breweries and wineries in Canada, and their beer and wines are popular with locals as well as expats. Clothing and accessories from branded shops are usually expensive, but clothing has become more affordable due to heavy competition among Chinese-imported products, wholesale, factory outlets and shops.

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