Ontario and British Columbia hold new PNP draws

Ontario and British Columbia hold new PNP draws

Ontario has issued 30 ITAs under the Entrepreneur Stream and BC issued 177 ITAs in a general draw.

Ontario and Canadian province released Provincial nominee Program (PNP) draw results this week.

Most Canadian provinces and territories (with the exception of Quebec and Nunavut) operate their own PNPs. Through these programs, interested candidates is also invited to use for a provincial nomination.

When the PNP was launched in 1998, it welcome solely four hundred immigrants. However, it evidenced to be terribly made, and Canada currently welcomes over 80,000 immigrants per year through PNPs.

The increase within the variety of PNP admissions in Canada is because of the very fact that the federal and provincial governments take into account it a good tool to push the economic development of the country.


Ontario control a PNP below the entrepreneur Stream on August 16. The province issued invitations to apply to thirty candidates with scores that ranged between 138 and 160. this can be the primary draw in the entrepreneur stream since 2021.

Like all classes below the Ontario Immigration nominee Program (OINP) candidates for this class should submit an EOI, however if they’re invited to apply, they’re needed to attend a compulsory interview and sign a performance agreement.

If they’re made, they’ll be issued a brief legal document to move to Canada and so 20 months upon arrival to implement a business set up and submit a final review. If the candidate has met business necessities, they’ll be asked for documentation that proves they’re eligible for permanent residence.

To be eligible for this stream, candidates should additionally meet specific criteria such as:

Must have business experience of 24 months in the last 60 months
Must control at least one-third of the equity in the business.
Must be actively involved in the management of the business
The main purpose of investing must be to make profit
Must create at least two permanent full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, if the business will be in Greater Toronto Area (GTA,) OR one permanent full-time job if the business will be outside the GTA.

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British Columbia

On August 16 over 223 candidates were invited to apply for provincial nomination in Canadian province. B.C. typically holds a provincial nomination draw every week.

The majority of candidates, 177, were invited during a general draw that enclosed tech occupations. The invitations were issued to candidates within the skilled worker and International Graduates classes and enclosed express Entry candidates. the final draw additionally included Entry Level and Semi-Skilled candidates.

The minimum SIRS score for the final draw ranged between 132 for skilled workers with express Entry to 78 for Entry Level and Semi-Skilled candidates

SIRS acts very similar to the express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) however is only used for British Columbia’s PNP.
The province additionally held rounds of invites for candidates operating within the following occupations.

26 early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) with scores of at least 60 points; and
15 healthcare workers with scores of at least 60 points.
5 healthcare assistants with scores of at least 60 points

Express Entry and PNP
Express Entry is an application management system that ranks and evaluates candidates from the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. Candidates in these programs enter a pool and are ranked against each other using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS provides them with a score based on their work experience, language ability, education, and other human capital factors.

Obtaining provincial nomination adds 600 points to an individual’s CRS score and makes it very likely that they will receive an ITA for permanent residency from IRCC.

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