Basic Things You Should be aware About Australia Immigration!


Australia Immigration is one of the top and best immigration country in the world Australia is the dream city to migrants! Not only to enjoy the environment and destinations but also for the immigration purpose and to work in the most contented working environment, study with the best universities and settle with the friendliest citizens in the world. With Australian immigration from India comes a window of a great opportunity to excel in your career, experience personal progress and give yourself and your family a better environment to grow in.

If you’re thinking of Immigrate to Australia, there are Few Basic things about life in the Land Down Under that we feel you should know about. Aussie culture is too much more than beer, barbecues and hot weather (although there is also a lot of that). We are talking about a land of genuine variety, 

It is absolutely massive

Australia measures more than three million square miles. To put it into perspective, it is all about the size of Europe. Yes, really. If you Take a map of Australia over a map of Europe, it pretty much covers the whole thing. 

There’s universal healthcare

A bit like barbecues, healthcare is also free in Australia. It’s called Medicare, and you can use it as long as you have permanent residency. There has also been a series of lovely agreements between Australia and a few other countries, such as the UK and New Zealand, meaning temporary visitors also have access to Medicare. 

Respect the workers

The Aussies really care about their workers’ rights, and we think that’s just wonderful. As well as being one of the first countries to implement the 40-hour workweek, they also pay the highest minimum wage in the world. Once taxes and the cost of living are taken into account, people on minimum wage in Australia are earning USD$9.54 per hour.

They really love sport

If you can measure how much a country loves sport, Australia would probably be off the chart. They might even break the chart, love is so strong. Cricket bats and rugby balls practically flow through their veins

Aussie humor is different

Don’t worry, your new Australian work colleagues don’t hate you; all their relentless insults are just part of what’s called ‘Aussie humor’. They like to insult everyone (including themselves).

Learn the slang

English might be the official language of Australia, but there’s so much slang that you basically need to start again. 

The minimum points you require are 65 points for the above factors.

Wait for a response from Australian authorities, once Australian government finds that you are matching up with its visa scenario you will soon get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency status of Australia and you have you apply with 60 days of ITA received a date. After all successful process you can migrate to Australia and start your new life.

Australia Immigration Policy and new rules for migrants

Australia believes in equality for all and thus, the rules and policies are the same for every applicant applying for Australian Immigration. Australian immigration is highly fluctuating and one never knows what may happen next. This means that immigration policies and rules of Australia are subject to change without prior notice. It is suggested to regularly check the latest Australian Immigration updates to be well-informed regarding permanent residency chances.

Australian Visa Categories:

There are Some visa categories according to the purpose of travel. Above all are the visa categories for Australian Immigration:

  • Skilled Migration Visas
  • Business investor visas
  • Family reunification visas
  • Travel visas

Australia Immigration Documents Required from India

The following is a general list of documents required for immigration to Australia:

  • Skill Assessment Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Passport
  • IELTS report (7 band each)
  • Employment Reference Letters (optional)
  • Partner’s IELTS report, work experience letters and marriage certificate (if applicable)

You can come in the office directly for any immigration query. But it will be beneficial for you complete your free assessment visa form before the meeting. So that the consultant has all the knowledge about your profile and he can guide you properly.To know any further you can call us on -+91 9810366117  and also mail us at- 

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