Why Australia is the Safest Country to Immigrate?

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, and its combination of natural wonder and developed cities has attracted tourists for a long time: in 2015, over 7.5 million people visited the country. From a snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the whale is watching Hervey Bay, visiting the Sydney Opera or skiing on Mount Hotham, there are as many places to explore and activities to do as one can imagine. Australia is a very safe country, in crime levels as low as those of Northern European countries. The minor threats come from the inhospitable nature in Australia: dangerous flora and fauna, riptides and natural disasters kill people every year and are to be taken very seriously. Australia is ranked 10th out of 162 on the safest and most dangerous country ranking.

Is Australia a Safe or Dangerous Country?

Australia is a very safe country. Crimes rates are very low, and although very few travelers will be victims of crime there might be some risk petty theft (mostly pickpocketing) and areas to avoid in Sydney and Melbourne. In big cities, take the usual precautions (eg: not walking in parks alone at night, not leaving your bike or phone and camera unattended and not keeping your wallet in your back pocket) and you will most likely not encounter any crime at all. The most commons dangers in Australia are natural hazards and dangerous animals. Firstly, there is a very high UV-exposure index throughout Australia, which has been linked to a hole in the ozone layer above Australia.

Immigration to Australia

More and more international immigrants are choosing Immigration to Australia and an Australia visa is one of the most coveted visas in the world, and no wonder as it is one of the most livable and safest countries currently. Unlike the USA, where immigration is fraught with complexities the process of Immigration to Australia is straightforward and points-based. The points-based system for Immigration to Australia assesses the candidates on various areas including education level, English proficiency, spousal education, etc. and then assigns a weighted score to each category. Candidates scoring a total of 60 points or above are considered eligible for immigration to Australia. Australia visa moreover gives a person a chance to live in the most livable cities in the world. Australian cities and suburbs are vibrant and full of culture. An Australia visa allows a person to live in a place with abundant levels of fresh air, low pollution levels, low population and superb natural landscapes. People who are keen on Immigration to Australia Will also find that they are more likely to be welcomed than not. A serious labor shortage in Australia means that companies will need to sponsor an Australia visa for foreign employees to maintain the current rate of growth. This means that a foreigner working under an Australia visa is less likely to be the victim of a hate crime. Moreover, the crime rate in Australia is extremely low when compared to countries like the USA and India.

Here are some reasons why Australia is much safer than you think:

The crime rate is very low

Since 2000, the crime rate in the country has been very low and is amongst the lowest in the whole world. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, most petty crimes in the country have declined from last year. 

 Gun laws are praiseworthy 

It has been two decades since gun reforms in the country began, and it has yielded favorable results. 

Roads are safer

Australian roads are also the 15th safest in the world.  A new study from the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) says that Australian roads are 10 times safer than those of the United States where 10.3 people killed for every 100,000 people. 

Economy remains strong

The Australian economy, once described as “the envy of the developed world,” by The Guardian, is amongst the largest mixed market economies in the world. While the country’s economy is far from totally invincible, it maintains a relatively strong labor market that continuously attracts foreign talents.  

Home to the world’s most livable city

Melbourne has continuously topped The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Most Livable City in The World rankings for six straight years,  

Lack of Corruption

Australia has always been over the least corrupt country in the world, though the latest data from watchdog firm Transparency International reveals the country has slid from the top 11 to just 13 this year. 

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