The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an authorized organization that conducts skills assessments for skilled migration. Their role is to assess the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are considering Australia’s immigration to work in the information and communication technology sector.
Necessary documents for ACS Australia assessment
1 Birth certificate or passport :Only the applicant details page is required from the passport. Not all passport pages need to be submitted.
Example: In case of Indian passport, submit only the first and last page showing your photo and address.
2 Education degree or award certificate : You have to present a degree above senior secondary i.e. 12th standard for your education. In the Australian language, the degree is called tertiary education.

  • Title of title or award – Example: Masters of Computer Applications.
  • University or College Name – Example: University of Delhi
  • The date of completion of the degree must be mentioned.

Note that education will not be considered relevant if the degree is not there.
If the date printed on your degree does not match the completion of your education, you can choose to write the date of the final exam or the date printed on the degree.
3.Mark sheet or mark sheet transcript : The education mark sheet should contain the names of the unit or subject besides the grade or marks.
There is no need to obtain sealed transcripts for degrees or marksheets.
4 Work experience letter :
You need to clearly state all your roles and responsibilities in the ACS work experience paper format.
Use the sample skills sheet for Australia PR to provide your day to day information about the day job responsibilities to ACS for your Australia ANZSCO job code.
The start date and end date for the job must be clearly stated.
5 Resume : Uploading a resume to an ACS assessment is optional, even if official ACS guidelines ask for CVs.
Evidence of paid employment
You can submit any two documents as proof of paid employment:
1 Official government tax records
Documents which may include payment summary, group certificate or notice of assessment (name of company and applicant) –

  • Form 16 (India),
  • Income Tax Return – ITR (India), W2 (USA)
  • Provident fund deduction,
  • 401k (USA),
  • Social Security Deduction (USA)
  • Group health insurance card where premium was paid by the employer
  • Retirement payment

2 payslips
You should submit a payment letter from the end of that year to the beginning of each year of employment. The name of employer and employee should be clearly mentioned in the salary statement of pay stub.
3 Bank statement
Statement of bank showing salary payment from employer with name of employee and employer
ACS will not accept clearly visible bank statements without the employer’s name.

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