Hospitality jobs in Australia – Apply PR today!!!

The hospitality industry is now responsible for one in twenty jobs in Australia. There are opportunities for part-time and casual employment, meaning there are many jobs that are highly suitable for foreigners from abroad. This page has everything you need to know.

What type of hospitality jobs are there in Australia?

There is a vast array of jobs in the Australian hospitality industry ranging from bars, Waiter, restaurants, Cafe Worker and boutique hotels to multi-national hotels and entertainment venues such as stadiums and theaters. Most backpackers work as bartenders or waitstaff’s, but there are a wide range of hospitality jobs available in casual, permanent part-time or full-time roles, such as:

  • Bartenders and bar jobs in hotels, bars, cafes and nightclubs in Australia(431111 ) – Prepares, mixes and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for patrons at a bar in a licensed establishment.
  • Waiter / waitress jobs in restaurants and hotels(431511 )- Food and beverages are served in a hotel, restaurant, club or dining establishment.
  • Food preparation and service staff, Cafe Worker(431211 )- Sells and serves food and beverages for consumption on the premises in a cafe or similar establishment.
  • Ceremony and corporate boardroom waitstaff
  • Chef Jobs – Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chef .
  • The barista(431112 )- Prepares and serves espresso coffee and other hot beverages for patrons in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, or dining establishments.
  • Butler, Concierge, Valet and Customer Service roles
  • Roles

Tasks  of Hospitality in Australia

  • Serving and selling beverages
  • Taking food orders and serving food
  • Cleaning dishes, cutlery and glass utensils used from food and drinking areas.
  • Providing gaming services within casinos and other gaming establishments
  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of hotel porters and other hotel staff
  • Understanding and enforcing safety rules in hotels
  • Carry baggage and guests
  • Guests can book tours, taxis and restaurants

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