Opportunity for Petroleum Engineers in Australia- Apply PR Visa

Australia is a land of milk and honey, has always been famous worldwide for its rich natural resources, picturesque environment, and the availability of rewarding opportunities to earn and thrive in the world. But the famous immigration destination has much to offer. It provides well-paid and rewarding work opportunities for skilled and ambitious candidates – especially those who are eager to do very well in their respective fields, such as engineering.

Talking of engineering, at present there is a demand for qualified petroleum engineers in the country as the demand for petroleum engineers is more in the country than in other countries. Since this job involves loads of hard work, and you have to stay away from family for a long time, many people may not seem very willing to try their hand in this profession. It is because of this trend that Australian authorities have opened up new fields in the movement of skilled petroleum engineers in their country.

Petroleum engineer

ANZSCO 233612

Plans and directs engineering aspects of the detection and removal of petroleum or natural gas from the earth. Registration or licensing may be required.


  • Mud engineer
  • Petrophysical engineer

Task of petroleum engineer in Australia

  • Conducting preliminary surveys with forecasters, geologists, geophysicists, other mineral scientists and other engineers along with reserves of mineral, petroleum and natural gas to determine current resources, feasibility of extracting reserves, and design and development of extraction process.
  • Preparation of operating and project cost estimates and production schedules and reporting progress, production and cost over budget.
  • Determining the most appropriate methods of ore extraction, taking into account such factors as the depth of the overburden, and the physical characteristics of the deposit and surrounding layers.
  • Planning tunnels and chambers, location and mine shafts, layout of mine development and application of appropriate mining techniques, often using computer modeling.
  • Assessing the natural, technical, financial and safety risks associated with the phases of development, construction and operation of the project.
  • Determination of safety of processes, order of extraction and safety of quarry walls, assessing the risk of slippery and advising on the prevention of slippery and rock fall.
  • Planning and coordinating the use of labor and equipment in line with efficiency goals, methods, safety guidelines and environmental conditions.
  • To plan and conduct research on engineering operations for exploration, location and extraction of petroleum and natural gas.
  • Determination of location for drilling.
  • Deciding on types of derricks and equipment including seabird platforms.
  • Methods of controlling the flow of oil and gas from wells.

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