Canada rated top country for quality of life in 2020

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For the fifth consecutive year, people from all over the world named Canada as the top country for quality of life.

Among the countries polled, Canada was ranked number one for being politically stable, number two for a good job market, and number four for a well-developed public education system. Global citizens also rank Canada highly for a well-developed public health system.

The ranking of the best countries of 2020 was conducted by US News and World Report. A total of 20,548 people from 36 countries were surveyed on perceptions of 73 countries. Countries were rated into nine different categories that were weighted to create a composite score:

  • Quality of Life
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Adventure
  • Citizenship
  • Cultural Influence
  • Heritage
  • Movers
  • Open for Business
  • Power

Canada came in second place overall, falling behind Switzerland, which came in first overall but did not place on top in any one category.

In the “Citizenship” category, Canada placed second behind Sweden. Countries that scored high in this section were perceived to care about human rights, the environment, gender equality, and religious freedom. They were also seen as progressive, as respecting property rights, being trustworthy, and having well-distributed political power.

In the “Open for Business” category, Canada finished third behind Luxembourg and Switzerland. This category is for countries that are perceived to be “business-friendly”. Countries were assessed based on their level of bureaucracy, manufacturing costs, corruption, tax environment, and government practices. Canada ranked high for scoring zero out of 10 for the perceived level of corruption and a perfect “10” for transparent government.

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