Why Canada’s immigration system stands above the rest

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Countries around the Western world, whether Japan or Germany, Australia or Austria, need more immigrants to help offset the negative economic effects of their immigrant populations.

However, anti-immigrant sentiment has risen to prominence in recent years in most parts of the Western world. There are concerns that welcoming immigrants hurt the economy since newcomers may be “stealing” jobs from local workers. Another concern is that immigrants are heavily dependent on social services. Arguments have also been made that newcomers from certain parts of the world may harbor values that are incompatible with western values, Irregular migration raises security concerns as well.

80 percent of Canadians believe immigration is good for the economy

Such concerns also exist in Canada. However, public surveys consistently indicate that Canadians are large advocates of immigration. According to research by the Encytics Institute, a survey organization, 80 percent of Canadians agree that immigration is beneficial to the economy.

When asked about their views on the country\’s immigration levels, most Canadians cite their desire to maintain or reduce the country\’s level, however, such views have little effect on election time. During Canada\’s 2019 federal election campaign, the country\’s largest parties promised to welcome even more immigrants, a function of four factors.

Two reasons why Canada stands above the rest

Support for immigration in Canada comes under these factors: history, geography, policy, and politics.

Canada has a history of immigration. Apart from the country\’s indigenous people, all Canadians are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. As such, Canada is able to successfully accommodate people of different backgrounds for the survival of the country. This was not always the case, as Canada\’s past has also been marked by intolerance, but the country has become more open to diversity since the end of World War II and is now one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

Good public policy is the main reason for supporting Canadian immigration.

Canada has long been a shining city on a hill on the immigration front, identifying effective policies and improving them to serve the public interest. It operates over 80 economic class pathways so that immigrants with a variety of skills can benefit their economy. Canada invests in immigrant-settlement services over any other country in the world (more than $ 1.5 billion annually), such as supported employment, to help newcomers integrate economically and socially.

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