Funds Required for Canada Immigration – PR Visa

Funds Required for Canada Immigration – PR Visa

Funds Required for Canada Immigration – PR Visa Family members include spouse or partner, dependent children and the dependent children of a spouse or partner. For dependent children age limit is up to 22 years.

  • Passport Costs: So, finally you have all the documents you need and have been selected for immigration. But the most important document is Passport, if you are not holding a valid passport; Also, if you need the passports quickly, then you can apply via Tatkal and will have to pay and extra Rs. 2000 for each visa. Please apply today!!!
  • Post-Landing Certificates: These are certificates that you will need to show to the Canada immigration authorities after you have landed. They include a medical certificate as well as a police clearance certificate. The cost of getting a medical certificate is 250 CAD per person. For the police certificate, the cost will vary according to quantity of paperwork required.
  • Right of Permanent Residency Costs: Remember that your PR visa is only valid for up to 3 years and after than you will either need to renew it or apply for a PR right. This official document can be got for about 490 CAD.

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