Adds five new eligible businesses to the Global Talent Stream program

On December 22, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) expanded the list of eligible occupations in the Global Talent Stream (GTS).

The ESDC is a government department that works to support Canada’s labor force, and therefore has oversight over a range of immigration matters – including the issuance of Labor Market Internal Assessments (LMIAs) and monitoring of the GTS; A work permit program with an expedited process has been created to help Canadian employers hire foreign skilled workers in the technology sector.

Under the GTS, employers wishing to hire a foreign skilled worker for any of 17 in-demand occupations (including those due to insufficient labor supply in Canada) can apply for and obtain a work permit. GTS seeks to establish a service standard of two weeks for work permits.

What new businesses have been added to the GTS?

Previously 12 positions, the list of eligible occupations has now expanded to 17 with the addition of five engineering roles.

These are:

Why have more businesses become eligible?

The list of occupations eligible for GTS varies according to the needs of the Canadian labor market; The addition of these five new positions likely speaks to Canada’s intrinsic need for engineering labor.

This year has seen a growing trend to target specific occupations for immigration to more directly address the needs of the Canadian labor market.

These measures include:

As Canada faces high labor shortages and a growing class of retirees in a post-COVID world, it seems likely that the country will continue to address its economic needs in a more targeted manner; As Canada has already identified immigration as a means by which in-demand labor needs can be met.

Employers looking to hire foreign talent through GTS must ensure that they prepare applications properly; Develop a Labor Market Benefit Plan (LMBP) to demonstrate your commitment to activities that have a lasting, positive impact on the Canadian labor market. An immigration attorney can greatly supplement application preparation here, ensuring completeness and compliance with program standards.

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