How to become a successful applicant for Start-Up Visa program

Canada Start up visa program is very famous among all the foreign national, businessman or entrepreneurs, and the reason is obvious like candidate will be provided the right to run their business in any part of Canada which can lead to get direct permanent resident visa of Canada. if you are looking to immigrate to Canada without any hazard Canada start up program can be the best selection for you. Because other all the Canada immigration program require experience in Canada to proceed with their permanent resident application.

Due to the significant benefits of Canada Start up visa, most of the entrepreneurs choose this way to move to Canada and because of this competition increases among all the applicant. So obviously before you apply for Canada start up program, you need to make sure that you are most eligible candidate for this application and how you can increase the chances of getting your visa process successfully proceed. We need to be always careful and see what exactly Canadian authorities are looking to grant application of a start-up visa candidate.  So below are some important points under which you can reduce the odds to get your Canada start up program successful.

  1. Business Idea: you need to have a very attractive and unique business idea or plan to present in front of Canadian authorities. More over it has to be well explained so that every body can read and understand the plan thoroughly.  
  2. Letter of Support: you should have a letter of support from any of the Designation organisation like venture capital or agnel investor.  They will give a letter which shows that they will support your business from the starting in your day-to-day business activities.
  3. Involvement in business: Applicant has to actively involved in all the day to day business activities to support their business. Because designated organisations as well as Canadian authorise want to make sure that you can run the business smoothly in Canada.
  4. Job for Canadians: make sure your business plan is creating the job for permanent residents and Canadian and it as a positive impact on the Canadian economy and Canada labour market.
  5. Meet minimum language requirements: Candidate must score minimum CLB 5 under the four components (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing) under the eligible language proficiency exams:
  6. Proof of funds: Candidate must have sufficient financial capacity to support themselves and their family members to settle in the country. Below is the detailed list of minimum funds you need to have:
Number of Family MembersFunds Required
1CAD 13,213
2CAD 16,449
3CAD 20,222
4CAD 24,553
5CAD 27,847
6CAD 31,407
7CAD 34,967
For each additional family memberCAD 3,560

Documents Required for the Canada Start up Visa?

  • Valid passport
  • Letter of Support from the Designated Organization
  • Spouse and dependent documents (birth certificates, marriage, passports)
  • Original copy of PCC
  • Proof of initial settlement funds
  • Medical certificate for all the members
  • Language proficiency proof

 Average processing timing of the Canada Start up Visa?

The average documentation and process time will take around 6-12 months.    

Benefits of the Canada Start-up Visa  

  1. No age limits
  2. Set up your business anywhere in Canada
  3. No minimum net-worth required to apply this program.
  4. Access to Social Benefits
  5. No direct investment is needed as you can acquire investment from designated investment bodies.
  6. Direct permanent residency for business partners and family members.
  7. You can share your business plan with other partners up to a maximum of 5 members. 
  8. After staying Canada for 1095 days in 5 years you apply for Canada Citizenship and gain visa-free access to more than 150 countries after getting citizenship.

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