What are the Requirements for Canada Business Immigration?

All the entrepreneur’s those are willing to start their business in Canada will be having this questions that what would be the requirement to move to Canada. Even though all the business categories have different – different visa requirements but still there are some specific requirements which should be required for all the business visa categories. You must know meeting all the visa requirements can increase your chances to get the visa. Below are few visa requirements for Canada business visa.

  1. Minimum Investment: Applicant has to invest minimum CAD$100K to CAD$300k for any business immigration which varies program to program. Even thought there are few business visas under which this much investment is not required. Candidate need to explore all the options of business visa to choose the right one.
  2. Minimum Net Assets: For almost all the business visas candidate has to show their net assets to prove that after reaching in Canada they can support themselves and the business as well. There are few business visa in which minimum net asset or minimum investment is not required which is as below.
    1. Canada Start-Up Visa (SUV)
    1. Intra-Company Transferees program (ICT)
    1. LMIA (Owner-Operator)
  3. Experience as Entrepreneur: your experience as businessman will demonstrate your successful business in Canada in front of the Canadian authorities. Even though this is not mandatory for all the business visas but for most of the business visas this is mandatory to have at least 5 years of experience as business entrepreneur or manger post. This increases the chance of getting your visa approval.
  4. Education: Actually, no minimum education is required for any of the business visa. But if you have graduation or diploma, it can reduce the odds of your visa filling.
  5. Business indulgence: if you are planning to start any kind of business in Canada, it is very important to be involved in all the day to day activities. You need to be sure about your business nature, scope and all the other formalities required in that particular business.
  6. Economic development: Canadian authorities always see while approving your business plan whether this business can have a boost in the economy of Canada or not? It can be for rare skills, special training etc. Canadian immigration authority to offer business immigration programs is to bring in qualified entrepreneurs who will establish businesses which will benefit the Canadian economy.
  7. Job Creation: while applying for any Canadian business program, you should explain how your business can positively impact the Canadian economy and Canadian’s labour market. 

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