How to fasten Canada Immigration Process?

How to fasten Canada Immigration Process?

Immigration to Canada is widely viewed as one of the best options in the world for people looking for a better quality of life.It has many opportunities for career growth as well as personal growth. It is the best place to settle for those who are looking for a better standard of living for themselves and their families. Moreover, the Canada immigration Process is more open, flexible and user-friendly when compared to the immigration process of other developed countries such as the USA and the UK. Therefore it’s easier to qualify. Canada also provides a strong healthcare, public education and social welfare system which is one of the best and very low costs in the world.

Key Points to Avoid any Delay in Canada Immigration Process

Don’t forget to provide all the information asked by DIBP with your visa application. For this, you should always refer to the document checklist provided with your application package.

The important documents include:

  • Your Identity & Civil Status Document
  • Your Language Test Results
  • Your Photographs
  • Work Experience Documents (letter of reference)
  • Education Documents
  • Proof of your Relative living in Canada
  • Proof of Funds
  • Medical Examination Confirmation
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Offer of Employment
  • Remember to inform about any changes done to your personal information on your visa application, like any changes to your name, contact details, family situation, etc
  • Always provide clearly visible photocopies and documents
  • Provide English or French translations of all your original documents (if in any other language except English)
  • Always provide correct and accurate information on your application

There are different reason which may cause delays in processing your visa application, like:

  • If you have any past criminal record which is not informed in advance
  • If you have provided any inaccurate information
  • If your family situation is not clear because of issues like divorce, incomplete adoption, unresolved kid’s custody, etc.
  • If the office has to do some additional background checks with other offices in abroad or Canada

Fastest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

There are 2 key pathways to Canada PR Visa, which process your application and your visa quickly, which includes:

  • Canada Express Entry System: Under the Express Entry system, the IRCC takes the final decision on complete applications in six months or less time for 80% of the cases.
  • Canada Provincial Nominee Program: It generally can take up to 12 months’ time for immigration via a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

If you are willing to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker on a PR Visa, then you must hire an expert visa consultant who is a part of a reputed visa consultancy firm. With the right amount of expertise and experience, they can help you in choosing the right pathway and focus on minimizing the possible fallout that may result in visa refusal or rejection.

By providing you detailed information and updating you about the latest changes and announcements in the Canadian immigration world, they make your case stronger, which in turn speeds up the process.

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