Planning To settle in Australia? Choose The Right Visa Category For Immigration

Planning To settle in Australia_ Choose The Right Visa Category For Immigration

Planning To settle in Australia? Choose The Right Visa Category For Immigration

Immigration in Australia is one of the most desired dreams of every Indian due to its strong economy and the best career opportunities in the country. If you are planning to go to Australia, then make sure that you are aware of each and everything about the process of Australia PR. You need 4 years to apply for Australian citizenship.

What is Australia PR Visa?

Permanent residency for Australia allows you to work and settle in Australia for a period of 5 years. You can change the status for a citizen after 3 years of formal work. A PR visa for Australia allows you to accompany family.

How to apply for Australian PR?

To apply for an Australia Permanent Resident Visa, you first need to check your eligibility. To qualify for the process, you must score 65 points. Once your eligibility for a PR visa is confirmed, you will need to apply for a skills assessment. The skill assessment is done by a designated authority. After this, your application has to be submitted online.

The online pool system is called the “expression of interest”. Within 60 days of acceptance of your application, you must submit the required documents to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

 Upon successful verification of the documentation, you will be granted a visa.


PR visa categories for Indian citizens

As of now, the Australian Government offers 30+ visa categories for Indians to obtain a PR visa. These categories are specially designed for different candidates. Depending on the requirements, an Indian citizen can apply for any of the following categories for speedy approval:

The Right Visa Category for Immigration in Australia is Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa

What is Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa

The Australia PR visa is a 189 visa aimed at migrating trained migrants and qualified specialists from abroad to Australia and helping the country overcome the skills shortage that existed at the time. Those who hold this visa can live, work and study as permanent residents in Australia and even provide their partner, their child and / or their step child in their visa application can also include. If a visa is granted, your family will also be considered a permanent resident of the new country and you will have the same rights as you do.

The Australia Skilled Workers 189 Visa also gives you the right to enroll in Medicare – Australia’s plan to provide health care to all its residents, as well as travel from Australia as often as you like for five years.

Key Benefits of the visa

  • The Australia Skilled Workers Visa allows you and your family to:
  • You can live and work in Australia indefinitely under an Australia PR visa.
  • The candidate may study full-time at any level of learning in Australia whether it is school, graduate, postgraduate or vocational education at home scholarship rates.
  • A PR holder from Australia will get subsidized health care facilities
  • The candidate will get some social security benefits and payment.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship after spending 3 years in Australia.
  • The candidate may sponsor a member of their family for permanent or temporary residence in Australia.
  • This enables popular permit holders and minor candidates (if any) to be submitted as permanent residents in Australia to submit permits. Since it is basically a permanent residence visa, the holders are entitled to stay in the country indefinitely. It is possible for the permit holder to travel and gain entry to Australia for a period of five years from the date on which it is offered.

Australia Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Immigration Visa: Key Requirements:

Only those persons from abroad who are entitled to an invitation from the concerned organization can suitably submit a petition. For the same items, it is important that the candidate:

Ø Submits an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI)

Ø Possesses a vocation/line-of-work, given on the concerned skilled profession list

Ø Satisfies the character & health conditions

Ø Is less than 50 years of age when he gets the invite.

Ø Possesses a suitable skills assessment for the profession

Ø Gets a minimum of 65 test points

Ø Satisfies the character & health conditions

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