Why Saskatchewan PNP program is best Opportunity For Canada Immigration?

Why Saskatchewan PNP program is best Opportunity For Canada Immigration?


If you’re wanted to immigrate to Canada,  Saskatchewan PNP program is best and you’re probably familiar with Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). These are immigration programs organized by Canada’s provinces, permitting them to nominate candidates for immigration!

If you qualify for a PNP, it may well be your pathway to a replacement life in Canada!

Each province in Canada is exclusive and has specific demands. And to fill economic and population gaps, most provinces in Canada offer Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). The PNP is an immigration program in which a nomination certificate is given to eligible individuals to apply for a Canadian permanent residency.



Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker PNP is designed to bring workers with experience to the province’s demanding occupations. To be eligible, a candidate must have at least one year’s experience in one of the jobs included in Saskatchewan’s list of in-demand occupations. Also, candidates must complete a secondary academic credential after at least one year and have some proficiency in both English and French.

There are two streams of the Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker for candidates from outside Canada. First, the Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream, in which a candidate needs an active Express Entry profile to apply. Second, demand streams in Saskatchewan businesses that do not require an express entry profile.



Benefits of Saskatchewan PNP

Ø IELT requires a minimum score for immigration

Ø No job offer letter is required from Saskatchewan

Ø Process faster than other immigration programs

Ø Move to one of Canada’s most prosperous province.



Eligibility for Saskatchewan Immigration

  • Applicant must have at least 1 year of work experience in your desired occupation in the last 10 years.
  • A candidate must have a minimum of 4 bands in IELTS.
  • You must score 60 points or more, out of 100 points, in Saskatchewan.
  • The candidate must provide proof of license eligibility under the appropriate Saskatchewan regulatory body.
  • The candidate does not require any type of job offer letter from Saskatchewan.
  • Candidates must belong to a business classified as National Occupational Classification (NOC) level A, B, or 0. Please see our NOC chart below which lists the demand-related occupations for Saskatchewan.
  • Keep proof of settlement fund and settlement plan.

What is the processing time for Saskatchewan PNP?

The average processing time for each application is 4 to 5 months. The following is a list of skills-in-demand applied in Saskatchewan. Rely on profiles like age, experience, education etc. before applying, you need to make sure that the document is correct and complete otherwise it may cause delays in the application process for Saskatchewan PNP.

Step 1-Required Documents- First collect all relevant documents and submit them online along with full federal and provincial forms.

Step 2-EOI (expression of interest) – SINP has slightly different application criteria than other PNP. This requires that you apply for immigration to Saskatchewan through SINP Apply Online. As a federal express entry program, the applicant must create a profile and fill out an online application form. They will also have to provide PDFs of their relevant documents and send them to the SINP authorities along with their online application.

Step 3-Fee Payment of Government–Once the Applicant gets an invitation to apply (ITA) he or she must save the profile and pay the processing fees if they are applying through the Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand subcategories.

Step 4 -Medical Examination – Candidates should get their medical examination done as per IRCC instructions on medical examinations. They can also ask for more documentation. Sometimes, the candidate has to attend an interview if they are dissatisfied with the documentation process so there is something wrong with your documents.

Step 5 – Issuance of SINP visa – Once you meet all the requirements of SINP, IRCC will issue permanent residence visas for you and your accompanying family members for the province.


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