Quebec invites 305 skilled worker candidates to two Arima draws

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On December 17, 2019, a total of 220 invitees went to the candidates who submitted their applications under Quebec\’s regular Skilled Worker Program. A total of 305 candidates have been invited for Quebec immigration on two Arima draws in December.

These candidates were either leaving the cap that first applied to the Regular Skilled Worker Program or they were living in Quebec on a study or work permit on June 16, 2019, when about 16,000 Regular Skilled Worker Program applications were canceled Had gone.

In December, Quebec invited 85 candidates to submit applications for permanent selection.

There were two types of candidates in the December 12 cohort. Either they had a legitimate offer of employment, or they were carrying out official duties in Quebec as diplomats, consulate officers, or representatives of intergovernmental organizations.

Since the launch of the Arima system in July 2019, Quebec has held nine draws and invited 2062 candidates to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificate de Selection du Québec or CSQ).

What is Arrima?

Arrima was introduced in 2018 to manage the bank of candidates for QSWP, as the program switched from a \”first come, first serve\” application approach to an expression-based interest (EOI) system.

Quebec\’s EOI system manages the Bank of Candidates for the Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificate de Sélection du Québec or CSQ), which is required to apply for permanent residency in the province through QSWP.

Candidates express their interest in Arrima by creating a profile, which is then placed in the pool of candidates and ranked based on scores or other criteria.

Quebec\’s Ministry of Immigration issues an invitation to apply for CSQ based on a candidate\’s score or other factors such as labor needs in the province\’s regions.

Candidates receiving the CSC can apply for permanent residency with the Canadian Federal Ministry of Immigration, which confirms medical and criminal acceptance.

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