What Are The Requirements For Canada Permanent Residency?

What Are The Requirements For Canada Permanent Residency_

Canada is one of the most wanted countries in the world for Indians. It provides a vast range of career opportunities for working professionals and has one of the best living standards in all countries. Recently, the IRCC, which is Canada’s top immigration authority, has issued several declarations for immigration to Canada, hence the necessary documents for Canada PR.
If you are eager to live in Canada or obtain a Canada PR, the applicant must ensure that all documents required to apply for an immigrant to Canada or Express entry program are properly completed and Canadian As per the requirements decided by the authority. Any wrong and incomplete documents will reject the Canadian application. If the candidate wishes to process their Canada PR immigration application quickly and efficiently, the candidate must ensure that the file is prepared by an experienced immigration consultant. Most Canadian PR applicants waste their money and time because Canada is preparing an incorrect file for a PR visa.
Having a permanent resident visa allows you to work with no limit on length of stay, study, and length of stay. In addition, health care benefits come with these. After completing 3 years in Canada, a PR holder can apply for citizenship and enjoy all the benefits of a Canadian citizen.

What are the documents Required for Canada PR?

  •  Language Proficiency or IELTS Scores – Talking about IELTs, most Indians face problems. People feel that IELT exam is very tough and they are unable to crack it because they do not know English. But it is not difficult to have a very honest IELTS exam, but you have to know how to score well in the exam. If you do, you can easily crack the exam with a minimum of 7 bands.
     Police Certificates – The applicant is not required to give a police certificate for any period before the age of 18 or time spent in Canada. Color certificate copies of the original color original certificate must be scanned. Certified true copies or unauthorized copies will not be accepted and your application will be rejected.
  •  Medical Examination – The medical examination will be valid only if you are submitting your application for a Canada Permanent Resident Visa or are coming to Canada. Try to get your medical examination done as much as possible from the date of submitting your application for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Proof of Fund – You must have a minimum proof of funding to meet the minimum requirements of a Canada PR visa or express entry program. Candidates are not required to show proof of funds when they hold a valid offer letter from Canada.
  •  Proof of studies (educational qualification degree), mark sheet (s), etc.
  • Adoption certificate (if applicable)
  • Common law association and proof of cohabitation
    Marriage certificate (if married)
  •  Divorce certificate and legal separation agreement (if separated)
  •  Passport (Self and accompanying dependents)
  • If you are claiming points for your spouse’s education, do the former. And language, IELTS, ECA, and work experience documents are required.
  • Proof of work experience (work experience / job training certification on company letterhead)
  • Digital Photos (Self and accompanying dependents)
  • Other documents when required by the authorities

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