What is the Benefit of move to Canada as Federal Skilled Worker?

What are the Benefit of move to Canada as Federal Skilled Worker?

What is the Benefit of move to Canada as Federal Skilled Worker? When planning to move to Canada, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is one of the most popular immigration programs. The program is Canada’s most economic immigration law and gives skilled workers and their families the opportunity to become permanent residents in Canada.

Who is a Federal Skilled Worker?

Professional and skilled workers around the world who are eager to move to Canada permanently are called federal skilled workers. A skilled worker is someone who can compete and succeed in the nation’s knowledge-based economy and has the ability to be self-supporting upon arrival in Canada. These candidates can apply with their spouse / partner and dependent children. To qualify, a candidate must score a minimum of 67 out of a possible 100 marks.

Benefits of having a Federal skilled worker visa

  • Upon receiving a Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program visa, there will be no limit or restriction on the FSW candidate. He / she will be free to work anywhere and anytime as long as he / she is pleased.
  • No special job offer required.
  • When the candidate has completed a 3-year stay as a Federal Skilled Worker, he or she will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
  • Full access to the domestic job market
  • A Canadian Federal Skilled Worker has access to all Canadian working sectors and benefits such as pensions and claims without any restrictions.
  • Protection under Canadian law- Canadian expatriates on PR visas gets all protections under Canadian law and many government-sponsored benefits. However, they do not get vote rights until they become citizens of Canada.

Who can apply for a permanent resident visa under Federal skilled worker?

Before applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, an applicant must ensure that it meets the following requirements:

  • Age should be 18-55 years of age
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree as qualification
  • At least 2 years. Work experience
  •  Ability to read, write and speak English language
  •  Good health and moral character
  •  Qualified score in a points-based selection system

How much fund is needed to apply for a federal skilled worker visa

You can find out how much you have to take to apply for a Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

Number of family memberFunds Required












7 or more



What is the processing time for a federal skilled workers visa?

85% of all applications processed within six months are under a federal skilled workers visa. IRCC aims to complete federal skilled worker applications in 6 months or less. Consult the Canadian Immigration Processing Times tool to find out the processing time for immigration applications.

Is Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program for you?

The most important aspect to qualify for a permanent resident visa under FSW is to score a total of 67 points in a points-based selection system. Our assessment service is specifically for candidates like you who are planning an immigration to Canada and want to know their scores and opportunities to settle in Canada with ease and success. We have a team of highly qualified assessment specialists who can help you find out your opportunities for a Canada PR visa under the FSW program. To start the process for Canada immigration at earliest, you may call World Overseas Canada immigration expert on Call us on – +91 9810366117, 011-41868081, We will take care of every aspect of Canada immigration. Fill out our free assessment Form to get started today!


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