Wishing to Come to Canada as a tech worker?

Wishing to Come to Canada as a tech worker

Tech workers have a number of options for immigrating to Canada. Foreign nationals need a work permit in order to legally work in Canada. Some of these work permits are specifically tailored to tech workers. Although, it is possible for tech workers to skip straight to applying for permanent residency without ever setting foot in Canada.

That being said, studies have shown that immigrants with Canadian work experience tend to have better labour market outcomes. They tend to make more money and are more likely to be employed in the first year after landing.

Below is the list of Canadian work permit options for tech talents:

Global Talent Stream

A major temporary path is the Global Talent Stream. This route is designed to process 80 per cent of applications in two weeks or less. Employers use it to bring in high-skilled staff quickly. An employer who qualifies can be either Category A or B.

Category A is for companies that are growing very quickly and need specialized talent from abroad. A Category An employer must get approval from a referral partner. This is usually a local, governmental or semi-governmental agency that has as its mission a city or area’s economic development.

Category B is for employers who are looking for certain skilled workers that Canada has listed as being needed, but in short supply. The list is known as the Global Talent Occupations List. Canada’s most recent list contains twelve occupations. Each of them is in the technology field.

Employers must meet certain other requirements. For example, they must show that hiring the foreigner will create permanent benefits for Canada. Proving the new hire will create jobs for Canadians or transmit skills or knowledge to Canadians are ways to do this. The employer must also show they are paying the foreigner a certain minimum wage. This can vary between occupations and provinces.

Express Entry Program: As a Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada, we provide Permanent residency (PR) visa for Canada like Express Entry Program, Federal skilled worker visa and Canada PNP etc. we first assess the profile of the aspirant immigrant and make sure that application for Canada is 100% successful. We work thoroughly on behalf of the client so that the client does not have to face any trouble while the Canada PR application is in process. We help the candidate to get the visa as soon as possible.

Business Start-Up Program: The Canada Business Start-up Visa Program aims to attract immigrant entrepreneurs who are willing to move to Canada to launch a new business in Canada.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program: The provincial nomination is an important fast-track option for Canadian permanent residence. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who wish to move to Canada. In short, who are interested in settling in a particular province.

British Columbia Tech: The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) offers a priority pathway called the BC Tech stream available to certain tech workers. This Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) targets candidates who have job offers in one of 29 eligible tech occupations.

To be eligible, you must qualify for at least one other B.C. immigration program. The Tech stream is a special path that works within other programs, rather than being a program itself. You need to have an offer for a job in your occupation. This offer must be for at least one year.

Eligible candidates get invited to apply for a provincial nomination from the BC PNP through weekly tech draws. BC Tech candidates get several benefits such as priority processing, and a special processing officer.

Eligible occupations for BC PNP Tech 

Telecommunication carriers managers0131
Computer and information systems managers0213
Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts0512
Civil engineers2131
Mechanical engineers2132
Electrical and electronics engineers2133
Chemical engineers2134
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)2147
Information systems analysts and consultants2171
Database analysts and data administrators2172
Software engineers and designers2173
Computer programmers and interactive media developers2174
Web designers and developers2175
Biological technologists and technicians2221
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians2241
Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)2242
Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics2243
Computer network technicians2281
User support technicians2282
Information systems testing technicians2283
Authors and writers5121
Translators, terminologists and interpreters5125
Broadcast technicians5224
Audio and video recording technicians5225
Other technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts5226
Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts5227
Graphic designers and illustrators5241
Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade6221

Ontario Tech Draws

Ontario conducts Tech Draws from time to time. To be eligible, you must qualify for Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream. This means you must be eligible for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class. To be eligible for a Tech Draw, you need to have work experience in one of the following six tech occupations: software engineers and designers; computer programmers and interactive media developers; computer engineers; web designers and developers; database analysts and data administrators; and computer and information systems managers.

Quebec Immigration Program for Workers in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Visual Effects Sectors

The province of Quebec launched this immigration pilot only a few months ago, in April 2021. This program has two streams.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

This stream has two sub-streams: one for people who graduated from a Quebec college or university, and one for workers trained abroad. The two categories will differ somewhat in what they require. For example, the Quebec sub-graduate stream will require the applicant to have experience and a job offer. The foreign workers sub-stream does not require a job offer, in some cases. But, both demand that an applicant have relevant education at least equal to a Quebec bachelor’s degree.

Information technology (IT) and visual effects

People in this program must have worked for at least two out of the last five years in 10 occupations. They also need to have an ongoing job or new job offer in their field. They also must meet the education requirement. They must prove they have at least the equivalent of a Quebec technical studies diploma or bachelor’s degree.

Both streams have two further divisions. One is for francophones, and one for non-francophones. A person who applies under the francophone category must show that they have an advanced intermediate knowledge of French. The non-francophone stream is highly unusual. Usually, a Quebec immigration category will require knowledge of French.

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