How to Immigrate to Canada from India

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Every Indian wants to move to Canada. But they all have this question in their mind, like how to do that. Now a days everyone wants to settle their career in overseas and first country come to their mind is Canada.

To solve this problem Canadian government has launched a new immigration program to make it easy to move to Canada in a legal way.

Best way to immigrate or move to Canada

There are different program according to the eligibility criteria and profile of each individual which is as below.

  • Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker through Express Entry
  • Immigrant to Canada as Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
  • Immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee
  • Other

From the above Express Entry program is one of the best and easy ways to immigrate to Canada and settle there. Now the question comes how to immigration to Canada under Express Entry program or how to check whether we can move to Canada under Express Entry Program or not?

So solve the above queries we need to know what Exactly Express Entry Program is?

Express Entry Program: Express Entry program Launched is January 2015 by the Federal Government of Canada. Canada Express Entry program is the most convenient way to apply for Canada PR visa. Candidate has to submit their application through CIC and system manages all the applications for Canada permanent resident visa via economic migration programs.

Below are the program comes under Express Entry Program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program – Federal skilled program allow all the working professionals from the service sector to apply for PR visa for Canada.  Canada has an huge shortage of management professionals who are needed to fill up key positions in both public and private organizations. But before applying for Canada PR, Applicant has to make sure that their occupation is there in the National Occupations Classification (NOC) category through which they are applying as this will be a major factor in your overall CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)points.

Federal Skilled Trades Program – The FSTP is meant for people who work in the industrial sector and a planning to join the booming Canadian industry. While this is not the most popular of streams for Indians to apply for through Canada, certain professions mostly from the engineering background can apply through here.

Canadian Experience Class – This stream is for people who already have working experience in Canada and thus is not viable for most professionals. Nevertheless, if you already have working experience in Canada, then this stream will suit you the best.

Canada (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program – The Second most popular way to immigrate to Canada is Province Nominee Program. This Program is like golden opportunity for those who has low CRS score due to Experience, education and the most common factor IELTs. All the Province has their own eligibility criteria to select the Candidate. Below are the few Canada PNP programs.

Quebec Immigration: Among all the Canada Province, Quebec enjoys the separate economy by creating its own visa requirement for skilled immigrants. Quebec is known as French province of Canada. If you are looking forward to move to Quebec, you must apply for certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ) and then submit a full application for permanent resident visa under Federal Government.

What are the Steps to immigrate to Canada from India?

  • Always apply through experienced Immigration consultancy
  • Have a pre –assessment of your Profile
  • Education Credential Assessment (ECA) evaluation through authentic assessing board like WES
  • Appear in IELTS examination
  • Fill your Permanent Residency (PR) form online
  • Work Experience Authentication
  • A letter of authentication from the previous employer needed as well.
  • Medical Records
  • Police verification Records
  • Proof of funds (Minimum 5 Lakhs)
  • Submit for Visa Application for Canada PR

Cost for Canada immigration from India

  • IELTS Examination – 13,500
  • University Transcripts – Rs. 2,000
  • Educational Credential Assessment with WES = Rs.16000 (as per profile)
  • Medical examination – Rs. 3,000
  • CIC fee for principal applicant – 550$ + additional cost for secondary applicants

Contact us today or fill out our free assessment form to get started!

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